Announcing the 2023 Schedule for Whip City Fiber Expansion

  • Published 2022-09-12

Whip City Fiber is gearing up to bring high-speed internet to 12 new service areas in Westfield over the next 9 months. In 2022, Whip City Fiber added 1,500 new service locations to the Westfield network, including upper Montgomery Road in Wyben, Russell Road near Tekoa Country Club, areas around Orange, Meadow, and Franklin Streets, and the Hampton Ponds area. “It is satisfying to continue making progress on a project that has so much support in the community,” said Tom Flaherty, Sr., General Manager of Westfield Gas + Electric and Whip City Fiber.

Watch the General Manager’s announcement here.

This announcement is the next part of a long-range plan to serve all of Westfield by 2025. Construction started this summer and will continue through the winter months. The following areas are lined up for service with some ready for home installation by this fall.

o North Road Area, Root Rd. to Southampton Rd.

o Southampton Road Area, Emerald Ave. to Hopkins Rd.

o Granville Road Area, Kylie Ln. to the town line

o Downtown Area, Arnold St. to Franklin St.

o Montgomery Road Area, Cabot Rd. and lower Russellville Rd.

o Barnes Airport, Apremont Way

o Broad Street Area, Hedges Ave. and St. Dennis St.

o Arch Road Area, Twiss St. to North Elm St.

o Elm Street Area, Chapel St. to Meadow St.

o Lockhouse Road Area, north of the Turnpike to Root Rd.

o Elm Street Area, Main St. to Thomas St.

o West Road Area, upper West Rd. to Montgomery Rd.

Customers who live in one of the areas listed above and have not yet applied can go to and sign up today. If they signed up in the past, Whip City Fiber will be in touch as soon as service is available for installation.

“WG+E/WCF thanks the residents of Westfield for their support throughout this extensive project. We are excited to add new customers by connecting more of the city,” said Flaherty.

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About Westfield Gas + Electric/Whip City Fiber

Westfield Gas + Electric is a municipal utility offering residential and commercial gas and electric services in Westfield, Massachusetts. Doing business as Whip City Fiber (WCF), they offer gigabit internet service delivered across a fiber optic network directly to homes and businesses in the City of Westfield.

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