There’s never been a better time to get your television programming via the internet. You have the potential to save hundreds of dollars a year by moving from pay TV to over-the-air and streaming video options. Many channels that were only available through subscription to cable or satellite providers are now available online. You only pay for the channels and programming you want with no contracts to sign and no equipment to rent. Whip City Fiber gives you the bandwidth to access content without glitches or buffering.

Streaming Services

How can you watch the shows and sports you want using high-speed internet?

Streaming requires either a smart TV or a streaming device like a Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire and a subscription to a streaming service like YouTubeTV, Netflix, Sling, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

Not feeling tech savvy? The Whip City Tech Team is happy to offer phone support so you can get set up in a jiffy. To learn more you can call them at 413-485-1204.

Click on the logos to visit the streaming services sites:

Live TV

On Demand

Streaming just means watching your TV and movies over the internet.

Streaming just means watching your TV and movies over the internet.

With Whip City Fiber, you can watch your shows on TV and other devices but you won’t have glitches where the picture breaks up or lag time as the video buffers. This video will talk you through the basics of streaming services and devices.
Crystal Clear Home Phone

Our Premier Phone Service gives you the convenience of a home phone with the power of Whip City Fiber.

If you have Whip City Fiber, now you can get premier phone service too! Keep your current phone number or pick a new one with free long distance calling in the US, Canada, and Mexico, 911 service, caller-ID, call blocking, voicemail, and more. Please check pricing on your town's home page.

Additional features include:

  • Receive a text alert when 911 is called from your home.

  • Block telemarketers, robocallers and phone spammers with the most advanced privacy controls available. Make or take two simultaneous calls with the Instant Second Line™. Perfect for a home office!

  • Forward voicemail to your email and smartphone. Ring your home and mobile phone simultaneously with Multi-Ring.

  • Works with your high-speed Whip City Fiber connection and regular home phone.

  • Featuring low international rates or choose our international calling plan and call over 60 countries for only $17.99/month.

We are Whip City Fiber

Whip City Fiber is proud to help bring high-speed internet to many towns in Western Massachusetts. With a gigabit internet connection from Whip City Fiber (1,000 Mbps of download and upload speeds), you will have enough speed to stream content to multiple TVs, computers, tablets, and phones in your household.