Internet at the Speed of Light in Charlemont

Charlemont Connect is partnering with Whip City Fiber of Westfield, MA, to build a municipal fiber optic network that will bring light speed internet to our community. This service will soon be available to every home and business.

Construction on our fiber network has begun. During construction, we will be signing up both those who want internet service and those who may not want service currently but wish to make their home "internet ready."

Be sure to read our Drop Policy for answers to many questions about the service and installation process. Sign up now to receive your town subsidy toward drop installation costs!

Sign up for Charlemont’s very own fiber gigabit internet service.
Charlemont is offering up to a $1400 installation subsidy for all who apply during the initial period. Apply today! (See FAQ’s for more details)

GIGABIT Residential Internet SERVICE


per month

Charlemont's own network
No Contracts - No data caps
Equipment and Wi-Fi Included
Town subsidy towards install

Up to 1000 Mbps /
1 Gigabit
Upload and Download

premier phone service


per month

keep your existing phone number
call blocking
unlimited local and long dist.
includes mexico and canada
*plus fees and taxes


The right fit. Your business + WCF.
When you connect to gigabit internet from Whip City Fiber, your team will work more efficiently than ever.

Small Business


per month

small business—up to 5 users
up to 1TB/month
Static IP addresses available

1 GIGABIT symmetrical upload and download


For larger businesses or for businesses offering public resale/redistribution, contact us to discuss available service.
For more information
call 413-485-1251 or email