Alford Update

Your Alford MLP Board is happy to report that the installation of AlfordLink, Alford’s community-owned Fiber-to-the Home (FTTH) network, is well underway.

WE CONNECT ALFORD to family, friends entertainment and work.If the internet is part of your daily life, we look forward to connecting you. Whip City Fiber with the Alford MLP is bringing fast, affordable, and reliable high-speed internet to Alford. Sign up today and we’ll let you know when service is available in your area.

Residential Internet


per month

No Contracts
Equipment and Wi-Fi Included
Free standard install
Static IPs Available

Up to 1000 Mbps /
1 Gigabit
Upload and Download

Premier Phone Service


per month

Keep your existing phone number
Call blocking
Unlimited local and long dist.
includes Mexico and Canada
*plus fees and taxes

Crystal Clear Voice Quality