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1000 Mbps (upload)
1000 Mbps (download)


how fast is fiber?

Whip City Fiber is pleased to bring you blazing fast speeds like you've never seen before.

Imagine downloading a movie in 8 seconds instead of nearly half an hour! The chart below compares the download speeds for typical Internet uses. In addition, you'll see significant improvement in speed and video quality when you are using a streaming service (like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu).

Media to Download File Size Download Speed (approximate)
Typical Cable Internet or DSL Whip City Fiber
5 Mbps 25 Mbps 1000 Mbps (Gigabit)
4-minute song 4 MB 5 secs 1 sec .03 secs
5-minute video 30 MB 40 secs 8 secs 0.2 secs
9-hour audio book 110 MB 2 mins 24 secs 0.9 secs
45-minute TV show 200 MB 5 mins 1 min 1.7 secs
2-hour movie 1.5 GB 24 mins 5 mins 8 secs
2-hour HD movie 4 GB 72 mins 14 mins 25 secs