Whip City Fiber Expansion: Construction Begins in Wyben

  • Published 2021-08-10

Westfield Gas + Electric/Whip City Fiber is moving forward with construction to bring locally owned fiber optic internet to new customers in Wyben. This work is part of a 12-month expansion announced by General Manager Tom Flaherty, Sr. in April. The expansion will provide gigabit service to an additional nine neighborhoods and is part of an effort to bring service to all of Westfield by 2025.

“The last year has made clear that high-speed internet is a critical utility. We know that customers are using access for everything from remote work and school to shopping and medical appointments,” said Flaherty. “Westfield residents are fortunate to have a locally owned option for internet which provides gigabit speed and exceptional service. We are thrilled to see this expansion construction kicking off today.”

Residents will see trucks running fiber on the poles over the coming weeks and installations are expected to begin in early Fall 2021. Installation appointments are called in order that applications are received. Customers are encouraged to submit an application today at whipcityfiber.com.

Gigabit internet service provides the speed for video conference calls, remote schooling, and streaming video. Many households are finding they use increased bandwidth with the ever-growing internet-of-things (IoT) including smart thermostats, video doorbells, and voice over IP (VOIP) phones. Whip City Fiber provides unlimited bandwidth for these devices.

Gigabit speed service in Westfield is available for $69.95/month. Premier Phone service is available for $12.95 + taxes and fees. Some customers can qualify for a $50/month discount with the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program. More information and eligibility requirements can be found at whipcityfiber.com/promo/ebbp.

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