November WCF Update

  • Published 2019-11-01

WCF is going strong in Westfield. Our current customers (including hilltown customers) will make it possible for us to bring service to parts of Westfield which don’t have service yet.

If you’re already a customer of WCF, we are happy to have you. If service is available but you haven’t signed up yet, you have the opportunity to support the rest of your town by signing up today. Our gigabit speed fiber optic network for the best internet in town.

At this time, we are focusing on adding customers in built areas so that these revenues can be used for additional expansion and to pay on our bond. We’re anxious to provide gigabit internet to EVERYONE in Westfield, but at this time, it is hard to say when this will happen. In the third quarter of 2020 we expect to assess the options for bringing service to additional areas during the following year. Construction will expand in areas where there is sufficient interest to support payback.

You may have heard that we’ve been working with a number of towns in Western MA to help them establish their own fiber networks. With help from the state, these towns which have no internet or very limited service are FULLY FUNDING their own networks. While we have provided guidance and expertise, any expenses incurred have been covered by the towns. Fortunately, many of these towns are choosing to use Whip City Fiber as their Internet Service Provider (ISP). This means that Westfield is providing the wholesale internet as well as customer services at a cost to the town. This unique pool of over 10,000 customers with virtually no competition has the potential to provide significant revenue to support additional construction here in Westfield.

If you’re waiting for service, rest assured, we’re doing everything we can to create a business which will reach every corner of Westfield. Thanks for your support.

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