Whip City Fiber is awesome!

Robin, customer since 2017 (employee since 2012)

Both the Installer and tech were excellent and very customer focused.

Kim, customer since 2017

Ask a friend who uses Whip City Fiber!

There’s no way I anticipated how simple this was! You made saving $700+ a year so easy.

Maryanne, customer since 2018

If we can do it, anyone can!

Elizabeth and Robert, customers since 2018

From beginning to end, they did a fantastic job, very knowledgeable and thorough.

Michael, customer since 2018

Arf, arf, arrrf!

Rosie, customer since 2017

It is GREAT!!! Works even better than I had hoped….and I am saving so much money!!!! Cutting the cord was the best decision I have made in a VERY long time!!!!!

Joanne, Customer since 2018

The only tough thing was waiting for it. Once the day came, I was very happy to be saving some money.

Andrew, customer since 2018