How We Build Whip City Fiber

Building a brand-new network takes time.

Since the current phase of the project started in 2017, we’ve placed new fiber optic cables in the ground and on utility poles throughout much of Westfield. When you consider that there are over 15,000 homes over an area of almost 50 square miles, you can start to get a sense of the design, engineering, and workforce hours which have been required. Our team has spent a lot of time developing a construction plan for each neighborhood and satisfying permitting and other requirements. We’re building a solid network which is going to serve Westfield well into the future.

We know you’ve been waiting.

A project of this size is influenced by many factors. Some of our installation estimates have been affected by the logistics of construction so the schedule has changed. We know that it is frustrating to be told one date and then another. If you've had this experience, we are truly sorry. Please know, we are committed to providing an excellent service and will get it to you as quickly as we are able. We appreciate your patience.

Utility pole examination.

Before we begin any aerial work or pull fiber to utility poles, we need to determine if there’s enough space for our fiber on existing utility poles. Industry regulations and contractual obligations exist for placement of equipment on utility poles and may require coordination with third parties.

Underground investigation.

Before we can bring in construction equipment to lay fiber optics in the ground, we first need to determine the exact location of underground utilities including wires, pipes, water lines, etc. As anyone who will be performing excavation should, we contact Dig Safe to mark the locations where each utility runs underground. To identify the different utilities, you may see orange, blue, red, or yellow paint on sidewalks, streets, or even on your grass to help our team dig safely.

Weather, weather, and more weather.

Weather is a factor that can impact our schedule. We often work outside when the weather isn’t cooperating but sometimes it is just impossible. For obvious reasons, we get the bulk of our construction done during the spring, summer and fall.

We strive for efficiency.

We have learned a lot since the Whip City Fiber pilot project in 2015.  We have streamlined our construction process as much as possible. For example:

  • We build strategically, deploying resources where they can be put to work most effectively. Our engineers and team leaders track the project carefully and have a clear sense of what needs to happen next. We’re always moving forward which keeps our crews busy, and makes the whole process go as quickly as possible.
  • We have designed the application and construction processes to maximize efficiency. Generally, we meet our deadlines in one area and then move on to work in the next area. If you’ve signed up early, we will get you in line for installation as soon as possible.
  • Contractors who work on our project can be added as needed to help us stay on track with the high demand for Whip City Fiber.

  • Your neighbor might get fiber installed before you.

    It is unlikely that all homes on a street will be installed at the same time. The demand for service has been strong and we are on track to install almost 50% more services this year than originally anticipated. Additionally, underground services are often installed later than the rest due to the additional complexity of this process. Thanks for your patience as we work to bring service to your area.

    A visit from the Whip City Tech Team.

    When it’s almost time to connect to your home, we’ll contact you to set up an in-home consultation. A Whip City Fiber technician will meet with you to verify your service choices and any special requirements for your service. After this we will be ready to set up your installation appointment.

    Installation time!

    It’s finally the day! You can expect our installers to be on time and ready to go. Although not normally the case, this appointment may take up to 4 hours. When the installation is done our technicians will make sure that your computers and other devices are up and running with Westfield’s fastest internet. Welcome to Whip City Fiber.