October update

  • Published 2019-10-08

Construction of our town-owned broadband network is complete in the southeast part of town (to Ashfield and Cummington borders) and crews have moved to the west part of town (to Windsor and Savoy borders), and will then proceed to the south central and northeast parts of town. Our municipal fiber ring (connecting every town building) is finished, as is installation of all the racking and electronics in the hub. Customer connections begin October 2010. The entire network is expected to be complete—with all customers receiving gigabit service—by April 2020.

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31 MAY

Plainfield's High-Speed Internet

  • Published 2019-05-31

Plainfield, in partnership with Whip City Fiber, is bringing every home and business super-fast Internet this year. 193 households have already signed up for service. Make sure you don’t miss out on this great new resource.

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High-speed internet is on the way!

  • Published 2019-04-07

High-speed internet is on the way! Exciting things are happening in Plainfield. We are pleased to announce that high-speed internet, supported by Whip City Fiber, is on the way—sign up today!

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