Why Fiber?

Whip City Fiber is gigabit speed internet in Western Mass. FREE Installation, FREE Equipment, FREE WIFI, no contracts.

You only pay for what you watch with streaming.

Have you ever thought about how many channels you watch each week? Streaming services let you choose a subscription based on the content you actually watch. It's a new way to watch your TV, sports, and movies. Visit the Streaming page for more information.
Let me tell you about the Whip City Tech Team.

Meet Zach, Kit, and Matt. When you have questions about Whip City Fiber, they have the answers. They're right in Westfield and are happy to offer phone support for your internet service. You can email them or call them at 833-WCF-HELP (833-923-4357).
It doesn't get any faster than this!

You'll have the fastest internet in Western Mass, hands down.

One gigabit speed upload and download can't be beat whether you're checking email, working from home, or entertaining the family. Look at these comparisons to cable and DSL.