High-speed internet is on the way!

  • Published 2019-04-07

High-speed internet is on the way! Exciting things are happening in Plainfield. We are pleased to announce that high-speed internet, supported by Whip City Fiber, is on the way—sign up today!

The costs of customer connections for 100% of existing occupied homes are included in Plainfield’s broadband construction project budget. There is no commitment to take internet service required for the town to bring the fiber from the street to the outside of your home. But you do need to sign up in order for this work to be included in our project. A commitment to take internet service is required to install the necessary equipment inside the home. The deadline for inclusion in this critical infrastructure project is June 30th. Households who sign up after this deadline may have to pay all or part of the costs to connect to the network (which could range from $200 to $3500 or more) and may have to wait one or more years for construction crews to re-mobilize.

Plainfield will begin construction of it’s high speed internet network as soon as utility companies complete their work on 1056 poles throughout town.

We expect to begin hooking up customers later in 2019 and to begin providing internet service by the end of 2019. It’s taken 13 years to bring broadband to Plainfield and we’re excited for what’s to come. Sign up today!

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