Internet at the Speed of Light in Becket

  • Published 2020-11-30

Internet at the Speed of Light in Becket

Becket is a part of Wired West, working with Whip City Fiber, building a fiber optic network that will bring light-speed internet to your town. Soon this service will be available to every home and business in Becket.

Construction on our fiber network has begun. During construction, sign-up will be under way up for those who want internet and/or digital phone service. Residents who sign up for service during this early sign-up period will be eligible for a subsidy to cover some, if not all, of the cost to connect their homes to the network. Each subscriber will have an opportunity to review how the connection to the house has been designed as well as to learn about all available options and what the estimated cost will be. In most cases, due to the subsidy, there will be no cost to the subscriber for this connection.

Pain-free Sign-up

We fully expect that you’ll love Becket’s high-speed Internet. Please apply today so we know you that are interested. We look forward to having you as a customer.

By signing up you are applying for service through WiredWest/Whip City Fiber and requesting a connection to the Becket Broadband Fiber Network. Any homeowner not satisfied with either the cost or the specifics of the proposed installation can rescind their application at any time prior to the actual installation without penalty.

Be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for answers to many questions you may have about the installation process and services offered.

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