Why Fiber?

Whip City Fiber is Westfield’s Fastest Internet. FREE Installation, FREE Equipment, FREE WIFI, no contracts.

You only pay for what you watch if you cut the cord.

Have you ever thought about how many channels you watch each week? Streaming services let you choose a subscription based on the content you actually watch. It's a new way to watch your TV, sports, and movies. Visit the Cut the Cord page for more information.

Let me tell you about the Whip City Tech Team.

Meet Zach, Kit, and Matt. When you have questions about Whip City Fiber they have the answers. They're right here in Westfield–they'll take your call, and if necessary, they'll make a house call. Just another benefit of your local high-speed internet service. You can email them or call them at 413-485-1204.


We are offering service at 1 Gigabit per second which is up to 1,000 Mbps upload and download speed. It's the fastest internet you can get in Westfield and offers plenty of bandwidth to support a house-full of teens or a busy business. Actual speeds may vary due to a number of outside factors including the speed of your equipment and the website you visit and the software you're using. You will always get the best speeds when your computer or other device is using a hardwired connection.

Many customers are taking advantage of resources which require higher speeds and bandwidth, including streaming services (Netflix, Playstation Vue, etc.) and Ultra High-definition television (UHD). With streaming service and the Whip City Fiber Premier Phone option, many customers find they can "cut the cord" from their cable company and save $100/month or more. Whip City Fiber provides the speed for customers to use these services and other internet resources with out glitches or buffering.

A Wi-Fi router is included with residential service to provide Whip City Fiber to tablets, phones, gaming systems, and other devices in your home. We also offer WiFi service to our commercial customers who are interested.

We are building a system that supports Gigabit bandwidth. Depending on many factors we expect you will receive up to 1,000 Mbps for upload and download. Your actual speed may be affected by the capability and age of your devices, the software you are using, the server of the site you are visiting, and the overall volume of internet traffic at any given moment.

When you are on the Whip City Fiber network you will be able to check your speed with the speed test located in the very top menu. The Whip City Tech Team is available at 413-485-1204 if you have concerns about the speeds you are getting.

It doesn't get any faster than this!

Whip City Fiber is the fastest internet in Westfield, hands down.

One gigabit speed upload and download can't be beat whether you're checking email, working from home, or entertaining the family. Look at these comparisons to cable and DSL.